Wednesday, December 8, 2010

So far so good...

Long time, no "blogging"...
Well, we (me and the children) left Oman end of October. Got back home to Sweden in time to celebrate Freya's 4th birthday together with Bella, her cousin, who is only 4 days older. They had a fabulous day and got seriously spoiled with loads of presents and each a pink "princess"cake!
Going from +30C in Oman to -5C in Sweden was according to the children fantastic. They LOVED the snow and being able to be outside in the cold fresh air.

Who can blame them doesn't it look beautiful!
This is our cabine at home.

After a month at home without daddy we were all very happy to see him when he came to "pick" us up, only problem was the snow that made our trip a little longer than planned back to Kenya. It took us 4 days and 3 continents to arrive and Sean has still not seen the luggage he brought to Sweden...
Now we are here, we've been to see our new house, which is FAB! We are planning to move in next weekend. All we need is some mattresses, a table and chairs since our shippment from Oman still haven't arrived in Mombasa and when it does it still has to be cleared by costumes so any hope on seeing that any time soon are not high.

Children has started school (only 4 days left of the term) and Freya is loving it, whilst Kian is not quite sure yet, think things are finally catching up with him and he needs some time to take it all in.

Now, I'm off to try and sort out some curtains before we move in.

Have a great day!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lensbaby, beach shoot and lots of pictures!

I honestly have the best friends ever!!! As you all know we are moving to Kenya this months, actually this coming Friday! Well, me and the children will go home to Sweden first until we know the container with our furniture and things are on it's way to Kenya.
So, back to the best friends ever - guess what they gave me as a "going away present" (titel of the post sort of gives it away...) a LENSBABY!!!!!! I was in tears of joy and sadness for leaving such amazing friends but I know we'll stay in touch eventhough we are continents apart!
Needless to say I have done loads of playing trying to get to know my knew "baby"... wanna see? :)

all are not shot with my Lensbaby but the ones that are - aren't they great!? I just love the blurred effect with the tack sharp center! Still lots to learn but my is it fun!

Have a great day!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wedding bells

On Wednesday afternoon I had the honor of documenting this very special day for Clair and Oliver. They are the most amazing, sweet and beautiful couple and we had such a blast in the +35 degree heat and burning sun. All dripping of sweat but still so much love and happiness. I thought I'd share a few of their photos with you all.

I wish them both all the best and a very happy marriage! Can't wait to do it all over again in October!

Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Exciting times ahead!

It seems as our time in Oman has come to an end after 8 fantastic years. Sean has got an amazing opertunity and promotion that will bring us back to Africa. We are sad to leave friends and our "home" but at the same time, happy and excited to go back to Sean's home and live with family and friends there. I'm in a house hunting mode and my brain is going crazy with interior decoration ideas - so much fun!
We've got until the 29th of October here and will have some visitors before we leave so we'll make the most of this beautiful country whilst we can.
The children will only have 6 more weeks of school here then they'll be off until January when they'll start their new school in Nairobi.
Since Freya has all morning off nowadays, school only starts at 11am, we have some time to play just her and I. Most of the time we are either Queen Mamma and Princess Freya, Ballerinas or Freya is practising for a few cold weeks in Sweden before actually arriving in Kenya.

All this fun playing is giving me some great photo oppertunities!

Have a great day everyone!

Monday, August 16, 2010

That was summer 2010...

Why is it time always fly when you are having fun!? Can't believe the summer is already over!!! We have had the most wonderful 2 months at home in Sweden with soooo much fun and games! Weather was amazing, kids out doors all day, every day. Family around us and just soaking up the fun! Unfortunately everything has an end so now we are back "home" in Oman. One way it is nice to be "home" again, getting back in routines and stuff but it is always so sad saying goodbye to everyone! I have lived abroad for more than 10 years and I thought it was going to get easier the more and longer you did it but it's the opposite, especially now when we have the children!
Anyway, the good thing is that we left Sweden in rain, returned to Muscat and +34 and sunshine! Spent the morning in the pool and just relaxed.
I should be in bed right now but I've just been away from the internet so long I'm now trying to catch up with everything.
Here's a few photos from our summer:

Hope you all have had just as wonderful summer as we and hopefully some of you might still be enjoying yours!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another day, another bug...

So, they are back, the bugs that is... Freya is vometing - again! Poor thing! Hope this won't last too long since we are flying home to Sweden tomorrow!

I have about a million things to do and as soon as I have crossed one thing of the list, I'll add another!

Still trying to become friends with my camera and we're not BFF yet but getting there :)

Ornamental Cherry Blossom, taken with my 50mm f1.4, love the bokeh in this!
Well, 'better get on with the day and try and get some things done!

Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Update and lots of photos!

So, it's been a while - again! Sorry but life just seem to fly by these days and I don't seem to get half of what I set out to do done!
We've had a fantastic holiday in Kenya with one small issue - my 5D broke!!! I was devestated and so eager to fix it I gave it to a "Canon dealer" in Nairobi who made matters worse and brought me to tears! Luckely Sean's sister was coming out whilst we were there and very kindly brought a new 50D that I ordered on the web with her so I had at least 7 days with a camera.
The children had a blast! Loved being outside everyday, all the animals and ofcourse being spoiled by Granny and Grandad!
Just a few samples of the holiday pics:

Nairobi National Park:

We also went to the Giraff Manor and got to feed the giraffs
Freya adopted her own little orphan elephant, her name is Sities. We were able to go to the orphanage one evening to put the babies to sleep, Freya totally fell in love!

Thanks to Granny, Grandad and the Pellings for such a wonderful holiday!
Since we got back we've been cursed by bugs - ear, throat and tummy bugs but it appears they have finally given up and hopefully will stay far, far away for a looong time!

We took Freya on her first cinema experience last week, the last "Shrek" movie and she LOVED it eventhough both me and Sean thought it was quite scary at times, she wasn't face at all!

Since I got my new camera I've tried to play quite alot to get used to it, it is not a full frame like my 5D and there is a quality difference I never knew I would notice but having been spoiled with the 5D I guess it's hard to go back, though this 50D is going to be my "spare" (I know, how spoiled am I!!!?) after I've got the 5D fixed, I need to get used to it so I "forced" some friends of mine to play :)

Last minute Baby bump picures - Good luck Vicky, we'll be thinking of you all day tomorrow!

Here are some beach photos from friday morning - again "forced" my swedish friends here in Oman to play with me :)

Well, i wish I had some scrapping to add to this post as well but unfortunately with all the bugs and life in general I've really been the worst scrapper ever lately, BUT in 4 days time I'm flying home and Sis and I can scrap our hearts out together - YAY!!!

For news and updates regarding all the exciting things happening over at CatScrap please click HERE and you'll see all the fantastic new designs and pages our team has come up with!

Wish you all a great day and hopefully I'll be back soon (...ish)