Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sort of settling in...

Well, we are in Africa.
Got our house, no furniture yet, they were first sent to Singapore (???), then back across the world to Kenya.
They are now going through the procedure of clearing, which is going to take a while especially since every thing that possible can go wrong is going wrong. First the system failed last Friday, this Monday the "machine" that moves the containers broke down and I bet when it is finally cleared and put on a train to Nairobi, the train will derail or something else will happen, to delay it even longer. Anyhow, I have resigned to the fact that it might take "awhile" and there is nothing we can do about it. It really makes you appreciate your things and belongings in a different way. Freya asks daily when her unicorn teddy will arrive...
Since we haven't got any belongings, except what was in our suite cases from our month in Sweden, we've had fantastic friends and family who have all chipped in and lend us bits and pieces so at least we can live in our house. The house is BIG and with only a small sofa set, a plastic garden table and chairs in the dining room, a mattress and few bits in each bed room you can imagine the echo... It is laud here! Kids love it, we don't!
Just to give you an idea of the size:

Kids have started school and seems to settle really well. Kian has grown so much and his speech is amazing. He asked me the other day "Mamma, where is Daddy?" Me: "He is in the office" Kian: "Why?" Me: "Cause he has to work" Kian: "Why?" Me: "So he can earn money" Kian (after a little while): "Wow, chocolate money!!!"
Well, luckily it isn't just chocolate money that you get here but the little gold coins, with chocolate, is Kian's weekend treat and he obviously thought that that was the whole point of Daddy working - Sweet!
Kenya is fantastic for the children, the climate is great for all year outdoor fun. Right now we are in "summer" with lovely +26C and sunshine.
Some pics from our weekends:

We've also been to see the giraffes and adopted another orphaned elephant.
Freya has started her ballet classes again and she is loving it just as much as in Oman. Now she goes one afternoon on Tuesdays and in school Thursday mornings - she's in heaven!

Well, I think this is all for now.
Hope you all have a great day!