Monday, August 16, 2010

That was summer 2010...

Why is it time always fly when you are having fun!? Can't believe the summer is already over!!! We have had the most wonderful 2 months at home in Sweden with soooo much fun and games! Weather was amazing, kids out doors all day, every day. Family around us and just soaking up the fun! Unfortunately everything has an end so now we are back "home" in Oman. One way it is nice to be "home" again, getting back in routines and stuff but it is always so sad saying goodbye to everyone! I have lived abroad for more than 10 years and I thought it was going to get easier the more and longer you did it but it's the opposite, especially now when we have the children!
Anyway, the good thing is that we left Sweden in rain, returned to Muscat and +34 and sunshine! Spent the morning in the pool and just relaxed.
I should be in bed right now but I've just been away from the internet so long I'm now trying to catch up with everything.
Here's a few photos from our summer:

Hope you all have had just as wonderful summer as we and hopefully some of you might still be enjoying yours!

Have a great day!