Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another day, another bug...

So, they are back, the bugs that is... Freya is vometing - again! Poor thing! Hope this won't last too long since we are flying home to Sweden tomorrow!

I have about a million things to do and as soon as I have crossed one thing of the list, I'll add another!

Still trying to become friends with my camera and we're not BFF yet but getting there :)

Ornamental Cherry Blossom, taken with my 50mm f1.4, love the bokeh in this!
Well, 'better get on with the day and try and get some things done!

Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Update and lots of photos!

So, it's been a while - again! Sorry but life just seem to fly by these days and I don't seem to get half of what I set out to do done!
We've had a fantastic holiday in Kenya with one small issue - my 5D broke!!! I was devestated and so eager to fix it I gave it to a "Canon dealer" in Nairobi who made matters worse and brought me to tears! Luckely Sean's sister was coming out whilst we were there and very kindly brought a new 50D that I ordered on the web with her so I had at least 7 days with a camera.
The children had a blast! Loved being outside everyday, all the animals and ofcourse being spoiled by Granny and Grandad!
Just a few samples of the holiday pics:

Nairobi National Park:

We also went to the Giraff Manor and got to feed the giraffs
Freya adopted her own little orphan elephant, her name is Sities. We were able to go to the orphanage one evening to put the babies to sleep, Freya totally fell in love!

Thanks to Granny, Grandad and the Pellings for such a wonderful holiday!
Since we got back we've been cursed by bugs - ear, throat and tummy bugs but it appears they have finally given up and hopefully will stay far, far away for a looong time!

We took Freya on her first cinema experience last week, the last "Shrek" movie and she LOVED it eventhough both me and Sean thought it was quite scary at times, she wasn't face at all!

Since I got my new camera I've tried to play quite alot to get used to it, it is not a full frame like my 5D and there is a quality difference I never knew I would notice but having been spoiled with the 5D I guess it's hard to go back, though this 50D is going to be my "spare" (I know, how spoiled am I!!!?) after I've got the 5D fixed, I need to get used to it so I "forced" some friends of mine to play :)

Last minute Baby bump picures - Good luck Vicky, we'll be thinking of you all day tomorrow!

Here are some beach photos from friday morning - again "forced" my swedish friends here in Oman to play with me :)

Well, i wish I had some scrapping to add to this post as well but unfortunately with all the bugs and life in general I've really been the worst scrapper ever lately, BUT in 4 days time I'm flying home and Sis and I can scrap our hearts out together - YAY!!!

For news and updates regarding all the exciting things happening over at CatScrap please click HERE and you'll see all the fantastic new designs and pages our team has come up with!

Wish you all a great day and hopefully I'll be back soon (...ish)