Wednesday, December 8, 2010

So far so good...

Long time, no "blogging"...
Well, we (me and the children) left Oman end of October. Got back home to Sweden in time to celebrate Freya's 4th birthday together with Bella, her cousin, who is only 4 days older. They had a fabulous day and got seriously spoiled with loads of presents and each a pink "princess"cake!
Going from +30C in Oman to -5C in Sweden was according to the children fantastic. They LOVED the snow and being able to be outside in the cold fresh air.

Who can blame them doesn't it look beautiful!
This is our cabine at home.

After a month at home without daddy we were all very happy to see him when he came to "pick" us up, only problem was the snow that made our trip a little longer than planned back to Kenya. It took us 4 days and 3 continents to arrive and Sean has still not seen the luggage he brought to Sweden...
Now we are here, we've been to see our new house, which is FAB! We are planning to move in next weekend. All we need is some mattresses, a table and chairs since our shippment from Oman still haven't arrived in Mombasa and when it does it still has to be cleared by costumes so any hope on seeing that any time soon are not high.

Children has started school (only 4 days left of the term) and Freya is loving it, whilst Kian is not quite sure yet, think things are finally catching up with him and he needs some time to take it all in.

Now, I'm off to try and sort out some curtains before we move in.

Have a great day!