Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lensbaby, beach shoot and lots of pictures!

I honestly have the best friends ever!!! As you all know we are moving to Kenya this months, actually this coming Friday! Well, me and the children will go home to Sweden first until we know the container with our furniture and things are on it's way to Kenya.
So, back to the best friends ever - guess what they gave me as a "going away present" (titel of the post sort of gives it away...) a LENSBABY!!!!!! I was in tears of joy and sadness for leaving such amazing friends but I know we'll stay in touch eventhough we are continents apart!
Needless to say I have done loads of playing trying to get to know my knew "baby"... wanna see? :)

all are not shot with my Lensbaby but the ones that are - aren't they great!? I just love the blurred effect with the tack sharp center! Still lots to learn but my is it fun!

Have a great day!


Nichole said...

awww, maria... that is an amazing gift... wonderful friends!!
know what i absolutely LOVE about these photos you've taken... the 'naturalness' of them. it seems you've captured them as they are. loving warm people.. they aren't posed, and yet aren't lacking in composure... not making a lot of sense am i?? hahaha. these are wonderful! beautiful!!

Helen said...

how are you doing that blur girl? Seriously!