Sunday, September 19, 2010

Exciting times ahead!

It seems as our time in Oman has come to an end after 8 fantastic years. Sean has got an amazing opertunity and promotion that will bring us back to Africa. We are sad to leave friends and our "home" but at the same time, happy and excited to go back to Sean's home and live with family and friends there. I'm in a house hunting mode and my brain is going crazy with interior decoration ideas - so much fun!
We've got until the 29th of October here and will have some visitors before we leave so we'll make the most of this beautiful country whilst we can.
The children will only have 6 more weeks of school here then they'll be off until January when they'll start their new school in Nairobi.
Since Freya has all morning off nowadays, school only starts at 11am, we have some time to play just her and I. Most of the time we are either Queen Mamma and Princess Freya, Ballerinas or Freya is practising for a few cold weeks in Sweden before actually arriving in Kenya.

All this fun playing is giving me some great photo oppertunities!

Have a great day everyone!


Laure said...

Beautiful pictures, she looks like a princess!! So it's time to go to new adventures!!! Your life seems so exciting!! I would like to live in different countries too!!
I wish you the best!

Helen said...

oh I am so thrilled for you. I wish you well on your journey my friend. You have a big move ahead but look at your desination! Selfishly I can't wait to see more photos of your new home. I *heart* Africa so much! Your Princess (and photography *swoon*) is divine!

Mickey said...

Amazing pictures. Freya should be a model!! Can't wait to be in the big smoke of Nairobi together. Lol Mx

Nichole said...

back to africa...! i'm assuming htis is a good thing... aside from leaving those friends you've made behind...
can't wait to see photos...
are you excited? is this a good thing?